Agricultural Machinery


The Fastfencer attatchment was designed for use on tractor 3 point linkage, frontloaders, excavators, skidsteers etc. lt has a hydraulically operated wire clamping system and can be manufactured to customers specifications l to 2 x 500m roll stock wire netting 1, 2, 3 x 250m rolls.

Horse fence netting l200mm

Deer Fence netting 2m

Double feed left and right so the operator can use the Fastfencer clockwise or anti-clockwise around the fence line.


The Scrag is a dual purpose machine which is ideal for general purpose ground clearance and preparation.

Available from 1.5 metres with 0.5 metre increments in width with 9 inch (230mm) tines, to fit any mini-digger form 750kg- 5 ton operating weight, protruding tine length 6 inches.


Scrag 2 is a heavy duty version with a starting width of 2 metres with beefed up tines, a ripping back blade and sturdy brackets for diggers 5 ton and above, With 12 inch (305mm) tines.

Security Devices 

All the locks have been designed to provide a cost effective way to deter theft of these expensive machines. All have optional ground stakes for added security.


Dig-a-Lock - has been designed to provide a steel drive in blade lock for any size digger. Once in the lock the machine cannot be moved forwards, backwards or the tracks turned sideways.


Lock-a-Quad - Designed so the rider can drive into the lock and park-up. The hinged arm pivots clear away for easy access, but locks down over the seat, providing a ring of steel protection. A competitively priced deterrent from theft of these valuable machine.


Lock-a-Mower - provides a safe and cost effective deterrent against theft of your ride on mowers.